Motivations and Values

Hi, I'm Matt Triano, and I've been very lucky my entire life. I was born in America, to upper middle class parents who provided love, support, and a great education. I have been able to advance very far (intellectually, financially, creatively, etc) because of my good fortune. 

I am perpetually curious, and this curiosity drove me to study hard science and technology. My undergraduate degrees are in physics & mechanical engineering, and I earned a Master's in computer science with a data science/predictive analytics focus. 

I love working on geospatial problems and developing data visualizations to powerfully express stories in the data. I also love using machine learning tools to extract useful patterns and information from big data sets. I'm very familiar with Python and the entire data science stack (NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh, SciPy, Scikit-learn, PySpark). I love teaching, and I want to make the world a better, more equitable place.